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The Horseman (2008)

Christian, a divorced father and white collar businessman grieves over the complicated death of his daughter. When a video arrives anonymously in the mail, featuring his daughter heavily intoxicated and mistreated, Christian sets out on a reckless journey to find answers. Fuelled by rage and sorrow, the death toll quickly rises as he uncovers an ugly truth. Along the way he meets Alice, a young runaway not unlike his daughter and a fragile friendship begins to unfold. Written by Anonymous

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One of the best revenge films I've ever seen.
3 May 2010 | by See all my reviews
Christian is an everyman forty something pest controller, grieving over the death of his drug addicted tearaway daughter, found dead in mysterious circumstances. One day however, he receives a video tape through his letterbox. Upon playing it, he sees it's a porn film. A porn film starring his daughter... So begins a brutal, gritty and at times bone crunchingly violent odyssey of revenge, as Christian proves himself quite implacable and merciless when it comes to dispensing his own brand of justice on those he deems responsible for his grief. Yet, this is no simple ra-ra revenge driven film. It's just as much a study in loneliness and grief as well as a blistering revenge film, and has some rather poignant scenes, such as his tentative friendship with a young runaway hitch hiker. Also, NOBODY does scum quite like Australia, and to any Australian readers, believe me this is a compliment.

The Horseman is excellent-savage, grim, bleak yet touching. 9/10, one of the best revenge films I've ever seen, and that isn't something I'd say lightly.

Highly highly recommended for any fan of revenge films or horror. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

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