Friday, 12 August 2016

Some more from the other blog

Welcome to Collinwood  Always funny when things go wrong.

Scenic Route - "Well, that's the funny thing..." loved this film.

The Perfect Host Starring David Hyde Pierce. I've only ever seen him in Frasier and he was brilliant in this too.

1408  One of the few horror films that I actually found quite unsettling. Love John Cusack too.

Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen of course. Love just about all his films with the exception of musicals which I've always detested. That's not entirely true, because All That Jazz springs to mind and I loved that, although not strictly a musical.

The Descendants Very moving film with funny moments like the scene above. Have to admit that I'm a big George Clooney fan

Drag Me to Hell Wasn't sure about this one until I realised it was by Sam Raimi, how could I resist. Hilarious horror.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai The last of the Jim Jarmusch films I hadn't seen. Those gangsters were funny fuckers. Great film and another recommended by kyster.

Rampage Only learned about Uwe Boll recently was fantastic (to me at least), not too sure about the rest of his though. Assault on Wall Street was ok, but some of the acting wasn't very convincing.

Politics bore me, Ken loach doesn't: The Spirit of '45
I'm not a lefty, but if I was forced to take a position, it would be unconscious and horizontal in bed.

It was News to me: The Assassination of Richard Nixon

The Times of Harvey Milk I haven't seen the Sean Penn version and I most likely won't bother.

About Schmidt Took me a while to get around to this one. One of Jack's more recent best.

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